CFTC Band Camp Fundraiser Postoponed

Unfortunately, due to the recent pandemic, and COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the CFTC donation center is closed until mid-August. We are currently working with CFTC to secure a later date, as our original dates were to be held during band camp next week. Thank you to those who have been collecting donations for us, and please be assured that we are looking for an alternative solution to still collect these so that we can continue raising funds for our program. Please look for updated information within the next week.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Ways and Means Co-Chair: Vicki Thompson

Clothes for the Cause 20-21 Kickoff Fundraiser

Happy Summer Everyone!!! I’m sure many of you have been using this time to clean out your closets and such…..hopefully;) For those of you returning this season, CFTC is already familiar to you. We had a fantastic turnout last year (exceeding 5000 lbs.), and decided to continue this fundraiser as a traditional band camp fundraiser and as way to kickoff the new season. New members and families: as you will learn at your first informational meeting, and throughout the season; fundraising is an essential part of our program. What better way to start off….than with a positive outlook of how our program works collectively as a team to reach its financial goals!! This years CFTC drive will be held during the first 3 days of band camp: July 27-29. Bags of donations will be accepted each day; at drop off, pickup, and throughout band camp hours. The CFTC truck will be arriving on the last donation day, July 29 @2pm. Please view the flyers and instructions for additional information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: Vicki Thompson, Ways and Means Co-Chair,, or text 760-580-4302. HAPPY CLEANING!!!