Students participating in the IB Music SL class (#7010) will engage in scholarly research to clarify their understanding of music and music’s place in the world. Research documents will include extensive genre comparisons from both a Western and World perspective. Students will work both individually and collaboratively to extend and enhance their knowledge and ability of music performance and the production of music, demonstrating an understanding of style, performance practice and interpretation, ap-propriate technical ability, and performer interaction through solo and group performances and creation. Throughout the course, students will demonstrate an understanding of melodic and harmonic analysis, rhythm reading, transposition, composition, ear training, sight-singing, musical vocabulary, and basic piano skills. Students will further demonstrate the knowledge of the rudiments of music: scales, intervals, extended chords, tonality, modality, key signatures, meter, rhythm, and how each element is employed throughout the various eras and cultures studied including the evolution and interpretation of notational systems. IB Music SL participants are co-enrolled in either the Wind Ensemble class or the Percussion (Advanced Concert Band) class.