Shopping with Scrip is easy!

 You can create an account by following the directions below.  Once your account is activated, you can begin shopping and it costs you NOTHING! Scrip is a program that gives 2-10% of your spending back to our program through the purchase of gift cards. The beauty of this program is that the cards (virtual and physical-depending upon the store) are accepted at places you go every day.

We now have 2 ways to order!

1.  Create your own scrip account and link your bank account to order through the scrip
Follow the directions below to set up your own scrip account:

  1. Go to!  Please note: there is no “T” in “Scrip”!
  2. Click “Register” then “Join a Scrip Program”
  3. Enter this code: 6LF1e58411677
  4. Fill out your info and click “Accept”!


2.  You can place your order directly with us and there is no need to link your personal                account at all!  Just print this Scrip Order Form and turn in with cash, check or credit card information and your order will be placed for you.

There is no App for Scrip but it can be added to your iPhone or Android home screen from the page by clicking the up arrow at the bottom of the screen.  This is great way to use your “Scrip Now” purchases instantly!

Any questions??  Contact our Scrip coordinator Nicci Baker at